There are numerous reasons for the buildup of toxins. If your digestive system is off, the body has a difficult time getting rid of undigested foods called Ama. This can negatively affect the waste removal process. This leads to the buildup of toxins. There are also irritant and pollutant materials settling in the body system. It is likely you need Ayurvedic body cleansing. Here are five signs it’s time.

You might not think of monsoon season as the ideal time to take a wellness break. Turns out, it might be the best time to schedule a trip to an Ayurveda hotel. The ancient healing form from India, Ayurveda holds to the line of thought that poor health and sickness are results of the body being imbalanced. The internal energies of the body, called the Doshas, can be brought back into balance through a nutritional diet as well as a variety of therapies. Ayurvedic healing such as this can have many benefits and there can be distinct benefits from planning a stay in an Ayurveda hotel during monsoon season.