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Choose The Best Ayurvedic Centre For Your Health

Ayurvedic healing is the practice of restoring balance in the body through natural and holistic means. Ayurvedic treatment

Ayurvedic healing is the practice of restoring balance in the body through natural and holistic means. Ayurvedic treatment centres offer cleanses, herbal treatments, massage and yoga sessions and complete treatment programs to cure a variety of illnesses. However, not all centres are alike. Read on to learn how to choose the best Ayurvedic centre for you.

Choose Programs That Offer The Treatments You Need

Some people go to Ayurvedic resorts to cure specific conditions, while others go for overall cleansing and rejuvenation. Resorts may differ in the kind of services they offer, so opt for those that are known for the therapies you really need. There may be centres that offer the basic massage therapies and yoga sessions that you can find in a regular spa. Look for a centre that offers specific treatments designed to provide relief for the condition you have.

Convenient Location

There are Ayurvedic resorts that are located away from business and city centres. It is important to choose a location that is easily accessible especially if you are seeking treatment for a serious condition. You do not want the added stress of distance and inaccessibility to contribute to your condition.


Inquire about the quality of service provided by staff, who should also be accommodating, friendly and attentive to your needs. More importantly, find out about the credentials of physicians, therapists, masseurs, and dietitians. If possible, make a phone call so you can get a feel of how the staff answers questions and provides information to their clients. Effective communication is what sets a great Ayurvedic treatment centre apart from the rest.


Ayurvedic treatments require specific equipment in order to produce the best results. The centre you choose must have the facilities and equipment needed to perform the treatments you need.

Centres like The Athreya Ayurvedic Centre specialise in performing professional and traditional Ayurvedic treatments to produce rejuvenating and effective results. Rated #1 in Kottayam, holding a 5.0 rating, as well as the 2017 Traveler’s Choice Award winner from TripAdvisor, the centre is known for providing personalized, holistic and authentic Ayurvedic treatments that are known to produce effective results.

With treatments under the competent supervision of professionals like Dr. Jayalakshmi, one of the many certified Ayurveda practitioners on staff, and a thorough diagnostic process to enable staff to create the best program for each patient, you are assured that each condition is addressed. Patients and family members are appraised of the nature of treatments and reasonable expectations, and questions are readily addressed by competent staff. All these, coupled with varied treatment options make the Athreya the best Ayurvedic Centre in Kerala and surrounding areas.

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