Daily proceedings: sample guest preparation article

Namaste!(the sacredness in me greets the sacredness in you)


Following is a tentative sample plan of a usual day program.

Please expect few changes to this general changeable pattern

Usually a total of minimum one & half to maximum 2 hrs happen for the therapies, may be more also

Schedule may change according to personal requirement:

24 x 7 availability by phone to 8888

5 to 530 am-ideal time to start the day / wake up
545 am to 7 am- yoga / morning walk of guest own interest
630 am onwards – possible therapy timing

7am – reception formally starts, 8:30 am – breakfast

24 x 7 availability by phone to 8888

9:30 am – possible therapy timing Ayurveda treatments

1:00 pm – lunch followed by relaxation
2:00 to 7:30 pm – possible therapy timing treatments

5.00 -6 .00 pm -yoga.
7:00 pm to 8 am- dinner

8 pm -reception closes, kitchen closes

9pm – recommended time to retire for 6 to 8 hrs

There is no fixed time for doctors visit as it is made flexible to accommodate the suitability of the clients even though doctors can be available from as early 7 am to 5 pm – 10 hrs segment.

The staff can always make the doctors available for you 24 x 7 on all days over the phone.

Doctors do not stay overnight in the resort campus but they are a family of 5 doctors who own & run this place and hence in case of any urgency they available even at night with in a span of 15 minutes as they live just nearby from resort campus.

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