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Namaste! (the sacredness in me greets the sacredness in you)

We are pleased to provide a few important details regarding your time with us, please read this thoroughly

Ayurveda panchakarma therapies

-included in your Athreya package are:

· food

· accommodation

· daily (except Sunday) doctor’s consultation

· therapy sessions

· herbal medicines

· herbal beverages – water

· one time -deluxe dental check-up

 Complimentary are

· daily (except Sunday) yoga lessons & Wi-Fi 15 GB

Exclusions are Airport pick up & drop (4000 INR Cochin airport in a small hatch back car), Laundry and The Aftercare medication that is prescribed by the doctor 3 days prior to check out

 Typical schedule at Athreya

 Day 1 – staff will be on hand to meet and greet you. Your luggage will be delivered to your room.

Please feel free to ask for safe locker deposit for your valuables on arrival itself.

Wi-Fi password will be handed over. Please take a screenshot of food & herb consumption pattern of next 3 days.

Before checking into the room, the reception will help you to settle the full package payment except for aftercare herbals which will be settled as per below details.

Staff will give you a short orientation tour where you will see the reception area, doctors offices, dining room, the treatment rooms, the yoga practice area and your room. This can be done on 2nd day also.

A medical consultation and ayurvedic therapies will start as soon as it is practical. Normally this is done on the day of your arrival.

But before this direct consultation, it is mandatory to watch a small-scale video by Dr Sreejit which is crucial for your welfare. It involves the recommendation to maximise your benefits here.

 Any one of our five doctors –will consult with you every day, therefore medication or therapies may be altered in a timely manner.

important! Every person has medication/therapy designed for the individual. Although some symptoms or therapies may have some similarities, we take into consideration many things that may be unseen/unknown to individuals. Also, many books are written about ayurvedic therapies, but we tailor your medication and therapies to your individual case.

 Half-way or a week prior to departure

Depending upon the response generated during your stay, we will make appropriate recommendations regarding your after-Athreya care. This is very important to consolidate the right kind of food, lifestyle, and medicines and to achieve the maximum benefits both here and at home.

 Four to three days prior to departure

We will provide an up-to-date financial statement for final settlement.

After-care medication and recommendations will be provided so that you will have a worry-free and hassle-free departure. The aftercare medications are optional as they are chargeable items.

If you curtail the stay period of your own, we will respect it as per finance policy document.

There is no refund for early departure.

 Departure day

Your medication and recommendations will have been provided in a timely manner. Transportation will be provided as per plans.

 2-3 weeks after your departure from Athreya

We eagerly await news from you regarding your health. We will be very happy to provide ongoing communication, should you so desire.

 Dental care

A one-time dental check-up will be provided during your stay within usually first four days. Please do not postpone beyond this because the dentist is not always available.

Dr. Sunil is one of the top dentists in Kerala.

The Dental centre is equipped with state of the art technology with all world class instrument including;

  1. Fully microprocessor based dental chair
  2. Fully autoclaved instruments
  3. Individual patient care
  4. Digital Radiography and Real time visual imaging

Transportation details – a driver will meet you at the concerned airport with a placard. His phone number will be emailed to you in advance along with our 3 standby numbers.

In case of any mix up in pick up, pls do not panic!

We will fetch you somehow. Assured!

Additionally, you may use a local land line phone from airport and call us at our any of 3 contact numbers sent to you by email

Please let us know:

· your arrival date, flight number and expected time of arrival

And airport also more details are in our website

The extras (if required)

Occasionally, but rarely, we require the services of outside-the-clinic medical care resulting in extra charges payable directly to the provider. Typical costs may be (and subject to change):

· laboratory tests: rs 500 to rs 1000 or so varies

· x-rays: rs 300 or so varies

· specialist consultation (for example: oncologist, Ent): rs 1000

Dental care beyond the check-up. Dr. Sunil will provide a quote.

 Laundry services: you will be provided with a list detailing our laundry charges.

 Local excursions: we hope you will be able to take advantage of your stay in Kerala to see and enjoy some of our local sights and traditions. Please see reception for ideas and costs.

 Medicines taken home with you: typically, 100 days of medication to continue your treatment at home will cost approx. Usd$100.00 to $150.00.

Finance settlement and delivery of herbs will be done 3 days prior to departure. Herbs once delivered will not be taken back. Additionally, herbs not belonging to Athreya if purchased by us for you after your confirmation will not be refundable or taken back.

Many clients realise lack of luggage space due to not adhering to this recommendation

For best results of your cure programme, it is highly recommended to involve into the domain of rasayana chikitsa for next 6 months to 12 months based on the intensity of your ailment. This can be done at your home.

Our contact information:

Dr Jayakrisnan 00 91 90 7272 1727

The Athreya office staff:

+91 7034471717

 What happens at Athreya

 Athreya Ayurveda centre

 Welcome – on behalf of all the staff here at the Athreya Ayurveda centre, we wish you a hearty welcome! Here are a few items to help make your stay healthy, happy, and comfortable.

 Our staffdoctors

Please feel free to contact them any time. By contacting reception or therapy or even kitchen staff in the campus.

There is no fixed time for doctors visit as it is made flexible to accommodate the suitability of the clients even though doctors can be available from as early 7 am to 5 pm – 10 hrs segment.

The staff can always make the doctors available for you 24 x 7 on all days over the phone.

Doctors do not stay overnight in the resort campus but they are a family of 5 doctors who own & run this place and hence in case of any urgency they available even at night with in a span of 15 minutes as they live just nearby from resort campus

Our doctors judiciously use a combination of Ayurveda and modern diagnostic techniques.

The dentist

Dr. Sunil is a well-respected dental surgeon. One dental check-up is complimentary. Dr. Sunil has a modern facility at the Athreya centre, as well as another clinic in town. Please speak to dr. Sunil about all your dental needs – for example: cleaning, fillings, crowns, etc.


 The therapists execute the personal plans established by the doctors. Therefore, if any changes are requested, it must first be approved by the doctor.

 Our Athreya therapists are well trained to work with people of many cultures. They have a professional attitude and are considerate and courteous. Occasionally, there are difficulties with communication – please bear with us. If there are any difficulties, kindly inform your doctor and the situation will soon be rectified.

The therapists are accommodative to your ideas of altering, adjusting treatment timings to suit your sight seeing etc., outside the resort agendas which by themselves are not at all recommended


Even though we shall try to be as flexible to make you happy and feel valued,

in the peak seasons of September to march we do not promise any such flexibilities on all the occasions of your such requests

And therapies missed / undone due to such outside the resort agendas circumstances and sightseeing’s will not be performed & are non-refundable.

Nevertheless, the Athreya management leaves this particular decision to the discretion of the hard-working cooperative therapist to decide on this –so as not to demoralise them being pressurised to work beyond duty timings

 This is done solely for the best welfare of every client and thus we ensure that by the above policy, this ensures the staff is able to serve every client in the best way with a good quality of his/ her state of body and mind – and keep them well motivated, alert and focussed.

Administration and kitchen staff

 Our staff will do their utmost to make your stay as comfortable as they can. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Reception staff’s attention is available 24 x 7 on call to 8888

But physically available from 7 am to 8pm only

Reception closes at 8 pm including lights and fans

This will ensure better service the next day.

House keeping cleaning staff usually attends on alternate days pattern but if you wish daily attendance, they will oblige.

Emergency needs can be called to 8880, 8881 which is 24 x 7

Ayurvedic care

 Each patient receives very personalized care. Your treatment plan is created specifically for you. Please do not confuse our treatments with what you have read about theoretical treatments. Many books are not authored by full time clinicians.

For the best value of your time and money invested for best healing results we recommend that

The use of electronic gadgets for external communications is best to be avoided, or to be minimised or at least to reduced to maximum 30 to 45 minutes per day if at all it is inevitable.

Water concerns

Everyday you will receive different herbal medicated water. This water has been boiled with herbs and processed. We are using the best water purifiers before its boiled with herbs. This water is detoxifying in nature and has action in different Doshas and dhatus of body and also acts as a blood purifier. It is also part of the Kerala culture.

 It is best to avoid the factory sealed mineral water like biselery Aquafina etc., soft drinks, Tropicana etc…

 Hot water showers are not available here. It is contrary to Ayurveda. In warm countries like India, hot water showered on the head can damage eyesight.


 The medicines served at Athreya are time-tested herbal formulations. Our medicines are manufactured at our own Gmp certified factory (highest standards that are awarded by the government of Kerala). They are of premium quality and meant only for our patients.

 Medicines will be delivered to your room.

 Some people find the medicines taste bitter. These are natural herbal formulations that are detoxifying and rejuvenating to different levels of body functions.


we do not serve only ‘’anti vata, only anti pitha, only anti Kapha’’ food

Food is included in your treatment plan. Should you require anything beyond our menu, or if you want extra food items, please consult your doctor. Extra charges may apply.

Food consumption is recommended in silence; hence we offer a ‘’silent zone ‘on one side of the restaurant as respect for those who wish to follow the best practice of food intake rather than conversations after conversations which disturbs digestion and metabolism

Being 5 generations in the Ayurveda healthcare, based on our experience we hold an opinion contrary to the information available in the internet about food in accordance or against the Prakrit of a person .it is false information.

Ayurveda recommends food to be consumed in silence, with concentration and to incorporate all the 6 different tastes for greater tissue strength and Dosha pacification

we do not serve only ‘’anti vata , only anti pitha , only anti Kapha’’ food

Food choices and timings are regulated by the doctors to ensure the bio-availability of the medicines.

Kindly inform us of any allergies or food aversions.

We will do our best to accommodate your wishes for plain or bland food. Kindly communicate with your doctor.

Meals are served at a schedule that enhances effective treatments:

breakfast: 8:30 – 9:30 am

lunch: 1:00 – 2:00 pm

dinner: 7:00 – 8:00 pm

To serve your better the next day, kitchen staff will not be available after 8 pm except emergency situations

The menu of next day will be displayed the previous night with small scale descriptions.

Therapy rooms

On the first day, a therapist will fetch you from your room and take you to the treatment room. For subsequent appointments, kindly be punctual for your treatment times. The timings are also reflective of your treatment. If you have some personal commitments (for example: sightseeing), the staff will try to adjust your treatment schedule accordingly.

 We strive to maintain a high level of hygienic standards in our treatment rooms. Should you have any concerns, kindly relay them to your doctor. Prompt action will be taken.

 Valuables (passport, cash, jewellery)

 Athreya cannot be held responsible for your valuables. There is a safe at reception. When going for treatment, jewellery should be left in your locked room.

 Miscellaneous information

 Laundry services

 Drying times are dependent upon the level of humidity. There is no ironing facility.

Here is a list of charges:

Shirt (ladies or men)








Undershirt (singlet)




Shorts (eg: Bermuda)



Rs 30

Underwear (panties, undershorts)

Rs 30

Churidar set





 Internet service

 it is complimentary only to a certain level which is 15 GB.

thereafter we will be an extra charge of a very nominal rs 50 INR rupees for per extra gigabyte.

Use of electronic gadgets for external communications is best to be avoided, or to be minimised or at least to reduced to maximum 30 to 45 minutes per day if at all it is inevitable.

Air quality

 The banyan tree beside the main building is the best source of oxygen. The best air quality is usually between 5:00 am and 7:00 am.

Walking outside the clinic

 It is usually safe to walk around the paddy fields and to the lakeside, but we cannot take responsibility for you outside the clinic walls. The trail surfaces are uneven. The local people are kind and friendly and will often greet you. No untoward incident has ever been reported.


 Shopping in Kottayam is best in the mid-afternoon when the traffic is minimal. Bargaining is not part of the local culture and fixed prices are the norm. The reception staff will be happy to call a tuk-tuk and will discuss your needs with the driver.


 There are many interesting places nearby. Reception staff can assist you but from doctors’ viewpoint we stress upon the next line

 We strongly discourage any sightseeing as we have found it seriously and significantly disappoints the fragile healing process. this is regular experience based on our repeat clients’ experiences.

We respect the client’s desire to explore Kerala as it is one of the 50 recommended destinations by national geographic

but …

we must admit that many clients have partially and moderately lost the benefits of cure programme by frequent outside resort visits [ frequent = more than 1 outside visit within 5 days]

Food from hotels outside the resort is not trust worthy and has ruined the cure process of many clients by food poisoning etc.

We wish the best of healing your body, mind and soul and we offer our best possible medical and social services for achieving your targets of visit

At your service –team Athreya believes in the concept Atithi devo bhava

 Namaste! (the sacredness in me greets the sacredness in you)

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