For progress monitoring, For BETTER service

To serve you better, by knowing your requirements better and to increase the bandwidth of communication, Dr Sreejit is willing to SPEND EXTRA TIME for you on days unattended by him due to the alternate days system of consultation. This communication system will help in proactive service than just reactive/responsive service.
Dr Sreejit will be able to attend you    ONLY  on receiving this info
You are requested to submit this daily before dinner to yoga specialist. this will enable Dr Sreejit to pick it up by 6 /630 am next day and start planning for you with therapy staff. This will serve as the appropriate response before Dr Jayalakshmi or any other family doctor of this place makes starts attending by 10 am.
Green zone denotes -health / logistics aspects that are improving or improved, things that make you feel good here regarding health , staff service & situations.
Red zone denotes -aspects which bother you, or yet to improve or any clarification point or new queries or unresolved or unsatisfactory areas of above parameters.

This will make direct physical consultation more effective

Green zone Red zone

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