If you feel like you are in need for a retreat for

  • Prevention of health issues,
  • for a cure if you have any health concerns
  • or just for wellness.


Our Doctors who are Authentic Ayurveda practitioners for the past 5 generations can assess your health concerns and can provide a realistic cure prospect.

In 2 -3 week cure program, there will be a cleansing phase followed by rejuvenation program.

Our internal and external therapies can make sure there is cleansing inside out and our rejuvenation programs will aid the anti-ageing process.

For each person, our doctors will be deciding the combinations for Panchakarma therapies and the medications for internal use after thorough consultations everyday except Sunday.

To begin with you can fill our medical questionnaire and our doctors can give a medical discussion to assess you more. We will be explaining the benefits and limitations for your health concerns. ATHREYA MEDICAL QUESTIONNAIRE

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