Why Visit an Ayurveda Hotel During Monsoon Season

Why Visit an Ayurveda Hotel During Monsoon Season

You might not think of monsoon season as the ideal time to take a wellness break. Turns out,

You might not think of monsoon season as the ideal time to take a wellness break. Turns out, it might be the best time to schedule a trip to an Ayurveda hotel. The ancient healing form from India, Ayurveda holds to the line of thought that poor health and sickness are results of the body being imbalanced. The internal energies of the body, called the Doshas, can be brought back into balance through a nutritional diet as well as a variety of therapies. Ayurvedic healing such as this can have many benefits and there can be distinct benefits from planning a stay in an Ayurveda hotel during monsoon season.

You’ll find it more relaxing.

Monsoon season means rain, a lot of it. A constant rain can produce a soothing effect, especially if there is no need to get out in it. If you are spending your time at an Ayurveda hotel trying to unwind and heal, the rain can have a calming effect which can aid in the healing process. Your mind and body can both relax and be open to the healing power of treatments. This means you may notice even greater benefits from them. Your activities will be limited due to the monsoon and you will be able to rest more fully while enjoying treatments.

Better Response to Treatments

Rain and humidity have the positive effect on the body. It helps open the pores as well as soften the skin. This combination allows treatments to have a greater effect. Treatments often involve oils and when combined with steam, toxins are able to be more easily flushed from the body. This helps rebalance Doshas. Open pores and soft skin help the body be more receptive to the various treatments and lets them penetrate more deeply while lifting the toxins easier.

The Ayurvedic texts emphasizes the beginning of Monsoon time to be the best time for Ayurveda. The natives of Kerala consider the onset of Monsoon, around June beginning to be apt for Cleansing or detox treatments, and called as Karkadaka treatment. Karkadaka is a month in Kerala calendar and it’s the beginning of rains around June. Classics in Ayurveda mentions this Time to be Adana Kala where body loses its strength and an Ayurveda Panchakarma treatment is perfect at this time.

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